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Top 12 Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Autumn leaves

The Holiday season is fast approaching! And that means your business has a great opportunity to incorporate seasonally themed ideas into your marketing. It is never too early to plan for this time of the year, take some time now to prepare for Holiday events, office decor, and gifts for your business members and customers. To help you get a head start, we compiled a list of seasonally themed ideas for any kind of business.

Here are 12 Creative Marketing Ideas for the Upcoming Season:

  1. Invite your clients to a thank-you breakfast at a local coffee shop or bakery

  2. Mail out a seasonally themed postcard thanking your clients and wishing them a happy holiday

  3. Help your clients with costume or holiday gift ideas - post some popular gift suggestions on Social Media

  4. Create a contest on your Social Media sites that awards a gift card to a local grocery store for their holiday meal

  5. Give your client an ornament or custom made mug

  6. Launch a Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas discount code or coupon and promote on Social Media, your newsletter or website.

  7. Theme you Social Media cover photos to celebrate this up coming season

  8. Add some holloween/holiday cheer to your logo

  9. Ask your followers to share their favorite thing about this up coming season

  10. Garnish your office with festive decor

  11. Have Santa visit your location and set up a photobooth station

  12. Share your festive office activities on social media to show what your staff does to spread holiday joy

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