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Facebook at Work- The new approach to communicating in the workplace.

Marketing team meeting

Social Networking at work used to be associated with inefficiency and boredom... not anymore! Facebook, the social networking giant has introduced "Facebook at Work," the latest effort of the social network leader to completely dominate your time online. The product is quite similar to the original Facebook, which was initially meant for a limited audience of university students. With this, the target audience is employees of a company. This new version of Facebook will allow businesses to create their own social networks among employees.

Why Facebook?

Efficient or not, Facebook’s popularity is surely going to give the product some leverage in terms of adoption rate as a lot of efforts in workplaces to get employees collaborate with each other is hampered owing to lack of will to learn the new piece of software. Besides, most enterprise social networks have tried to mimic a consumer-friendly appearance to encourage usage. In that sense, Facebook has a clear edge as its product bears close resemblance to the original Facebook that more than 1 billion people already use.

What’s next? Tweeting at your co-worker when you need a question answered in short and speedy way? With the use of smartphone and tablets, social networking is happening at work whether it is allowed or not so businesses may as well get on board and use it in a way that connects their employees in a social and transparent way! Social media is the new form of communication and the soooner that businesses realize this the more efficient and successful they be!

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