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Google AdWords: changing the way you campaign

Businessmen with Umbrellas

Google AdWords new Call-Only Campaign, is just that! Now advertisers have the option of having their phone numbers display in the headlines so that ad clicks prompt calls rather than visits to a website. The headline displays as the phone number, while the display URL simply serves as branding and lets users know what business they’re calling.

Setting up call-only ads had been possible with call extensions, but the new ad type is designed to make it easier to set them up — and establish “calls from ads” as the conversion type to track across a Call-only campaign. Call-only ads can be added to existing search network campaigns as well. In the ad setup, you can include two description lines of ad copy and the display URL and opt to report calls from ads as phone call conversions. The ad type will be useful for advertisers that value calls over web visits as well as for those that don’t yet have mobile-friendly landing pages. To find out more about this new option click HERE!

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