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A Small Business Making a Big Impact

Starting Point

Better Call Katie was a beginning Financial and Operational Consultant, ready to grow her clientele. 


Addressing the Issue

Better Call Katie had one small problem - absolutely no online presence. As a Financial and Operational Consultant, we needed to create a better, easier way for potential clients to find her. 


What we Recommended 

Our solution was simple. A landing page! We found that sometimes the best way is not always the most complex way. A one-page, six-section website would do all the same work as a 10-page site in her instance. In just a single page, we still managed to include all of the important things: contact information, mission statement, services, client testimonials, and an “All About Katie” brand. Our goal was to increase visibility online, not clutter up her website. 


The Results

Better Call Katie finished with a fully functional, optimized website, fit for any mobile device, computer, or screen. We met the client's need for a professional online presence without tying up budget or [human] resources.

The Works

Visit the website:

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