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5 Website Do's and Don'ts

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A website is something that serves many purposes. It gives customers a feel for your company, it allows prospects to come into contact with you, it showcases all that you have to offer. For these reasons (and many more), it is important that your website is the best it can be and represents you. Here are a few things to think about as you evaluate your current website.

Things, that websites DO'S:

1) Make it possible to contact you easily from your homepage

2) Create a mobile and tablet friendly site, and test to make sure they are easy to navigate and visitors can contact you from the devices

3) Add your social buttons and link to your business blog to grow your brand awareness and generate fresh content on your site

4) Invest in creating a professional, secure site for your business

Things, that websites DON'TS:

1) Don't make it hard for a prospect to find what they are looking for or they will leave within 10 seconds

2) Don't underestimate the power of strong SEO - follow the key on-page factors for SEO and think 'client first' when determining your keywords

3) Don't forget to test what your website looks like from mobile devices, tablets, and across several internet browsers

4) Don't underestimate the importance of a strong, easy-to-navigate site for generating more inquires

We hope that you can use some of these do's and don'ts to create a website that you love and are proud of. As always, if you're looking for marketing help, don't hesitate to contact Bare Bones Marketing. We are excited to hear from you!


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