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5 Common Website Mistakes

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As we all know, first impressions are everything. If you rub someone the wrong way the first time you meet them, it can sometimes be quite hard to bounce back. The same thing applies for websites, if someone is unhappy or frustrated with your website, chances are they will not come back. Here are a few things to avoid when reconstructing or editing your website:

1) People don't know what you offer

If a visitor to your website is having trouble finding what it is that you offer, they will most likely leave within 10 seconds. People are all about convenience, so be sure to clearly state what value you are bringing to the table.

2) Not capturing customer leads

Make sure your homepage can capture your prospects attention right off the bat, and provides the information or services that they are looking for. Even if they aren't the target audience you are going after, still give them the attention that they need!

3) Hiding contact information

Isn't the main reason you want people visiting your website so that they will reach out to you to purchase your products or services? Then make your contact information visible and accessible! In fact, it is smart to have at least some of your information at the top of your homepage.

4) Too much or way too little content

Make sure the information you are posting on your website is relevant and can be found useful by your target audience. It can be frustrating to have to dig around for something as simple as a blog post or product details. At the same time, it can be a turn off to not have any information to look at at all. Find an even balance!

5) Not mobile friendly

Often, the first thing people do when they need to figure out some sort of information is take out their phones and Google it. If that information happens to be on your website, it is vital that your site is compatible with mobile phones, and makes it easy for your customer to surf the web from the device in their palm.

If you're having trouble revamping your website or simply just want to talk marketing, don't hesitate to call Bare Bones Marketing at 512-571-2296! We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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