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4 Tips for Improving Your Website's Readability

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In this day and age, most people come across businesses they are interested via search engine. The search engine leads them to a website, and from there they decide if the information or service is useful to them or not. If your website is hard to read, jumbled around, or unpleasing looking, you probably just lost a prospect that could have turned into a client. Here are four things you could do to enhance your website's readability:

1. Less is more.

Since whoever is on your website is probably scanning the page looking for the specific information that they need, they don't want lengthy descriptions that could be shortened into once sentence. Also, don't be afraid to separate different topics by pressing enter. That can actually dramatically increase readability!

2. Be picky with fonts.

Be aware of what fonts you are using for headings versus length paragraphs with lots of text. Remember, sans serif fonds typically are easier on the eyes when reading off of a screen. Also, Verdana was actually specifically designed to be used on the web.

3. Contrast well.

When choosing colors, be sure to pick ones that compliment each other and allow your reader to clearly understand the message that you are trying to get across. If someone spends too much time simply trying to read in a straight line, they will most likely move on.

4. Be straight forward.

This tip is especially useful when you belong in a specialized industry that is known to have and use their own jargon. People want to be able to pick out if your information or service is useful to them, and move on if it isn't. They won't look at you as an expert, but rather think that you are trying too hard.

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