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Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

Vintage lamps

Whether you are a marketing firm or any other business, you have probably have had to search for some sort images at some point in your career. Sometimes, it can seem unnecessary to have to factor simple photos into your budget, but hey, it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Here are a few websites that Bare Bones Marketing has found to be quite helpful.


Canva not only has a huge library of free photos, but also has templates and pre-made designs that you can use. Whether you are working on an infographic, Facebook post, or flyer, Canva gives you the correct dimensions and has templates that can be personalized. In addition to all of this, Canva has tutorials that teach you how to be more familiar with all of the tools that Canva has to offer.


Pixabay is another stock photo website that offers images and illustrations for free. Ranging from nature and landscapes to eye-catching clipart, Pixabay is an easy to use platform that has over a million choices to choose from.

Lastly, Unsplash offers high-resolution photos free of cost. It continues to grow as a popular stock photo website, and has images that come from talented photographers. The homepage shows a group of images that are hot right now, making it simple to see what others are downloading.

If you ever want to cut out the cost of images from your budget, try out some of these websites!

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