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Enforcing a Casual Dress Code in the Office

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What we wear plays a huge role in our performance and where our focus lies on any given day. Although a company’s dress code depends heavily on the industry, location, and consumer base, casual dress promotes individuality and eliminates the stress of conformity. Who is super comfortable in a suit all the time, anyway? Employees have less anxiety about their appearance, which increases focus on the tasks at hand.

How about Austin?

In an environment like Austin, Texas, many employees are persistent on wearing what they desire, and what they are comfortable in. Especially in the summer months, Austin residents are trying to avoid the heat at all costs, which can hopefully be done through flexible work attire. At the least, allowing casual attire on one day of the week like Friday could help to get the office motivated.

However, if your business decides to implement a more casual dress code, be sure to stress that casual does not mean sloppy. Also, business meetings and other important events generally require nicer attire, of course. The flip flops still need to be kicked to the curb!

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