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5 Ways to Make Email Marketing More Engaging

Emails are used as one of your core marketing strategies. However, they can often be very redundant and in some cases lack creativity. In addition, most emails are ignored and aren’t even opened, simply adding another number to the unread inbox collection. What if you could send emails that were not only engaging but also left your target audience wanting more from your business?

Bare Bones Marketing LLC has compiled the 5 Best Email Marketing Tactics that will both improve your marketing and increase your customer response.

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1. Different and engaging subject lines

Deciding on a creative subject line is crucial to getting your customers to open up your email. Some tips to creating a more engaging subject line would to be include questions, emojis, or discount promotions.

2. Personalizing your emails with the first name of your reader

Marketing statistics show that a customer’s favorite word is their own name. By personalizing your emails to each individual's name will result in your customers feeling more important to your brand and business.

3. The use of video

If you want your customer to spend more time viewing your email including a video is the best tactic. Attaching a video between 30-60 seconds long will inform your audience about your brand or business while keeping them entertained in the process.

4. The use of photos of yourself, your product/service or your branding.

By breaking down informative messages with images in between the text will not only organize your message but give your customer a break from reading. In addition, customers are more likely to remember the image of your brand or product over text.

5. Include a “PS” at the end of your message with a call to action

“PS” is a great way to grab your customers’ attention right before they close out of the email. In the “PS” include a call to action that provides a link, email, phone number that is immediately available for your customers for use if they are interested in your brand or business.

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Provided by your Bare Bones Marketing Agency in Austin Texas.

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