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Real Estate Law Firm - Florida

Caring, Expert Advice for Legal Real Estate Matters

Starting Point

Over a year ago, we joined forces with the Law Office of Eleni Noble Zarbalas in Boca Raton, FL. We met through WIX - as Bare Bones Marketing is a Wix Partner Agency. Real Estate Lawyer Eleni Zarbalas needed a new website that wouldn't have the standard 'corporate lawyer' look.

Addressing the Issue

We created a website that showcases the law office's capabilities and mission and its caring attitude towards its clients. In addition, we optimized the entire site for search engines.

What we Recommended 

Our solution required patience, hard work, and collaboration. Together, we went to work creating a more cohesive and distinguishable look; making sure to feature the law firm's services and options. In addition, we worked on an SEO strategy that would draw in more clients online through search engines. Monthly SEO work was then added. To round up the digital marketing strategy, we also started working on Social Media Marketing. 


The Results

The law office now has a comprehensive online presence with a well-performing website, Google My Business Profile, Social Media accounts with ongoing content, and monthly SEO work. As we continue to monitor and analyze digital performance, we are seeing increased web visits, social engagement, and search results. 

The Works

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