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Tasha Schuh


National Youth Speaker, Resiliency Expert, and founder of the PATH Curriculum

Starting Point

Tasha Schuh was one of our very first clients and has been with us ever since. We joined her as her motivational speaking career was just taking off. 


Addressing the Issue

Our favorite motivational speaker and long-time client, Tasha, had a well-established brand across social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, but had something missing - a website. We needed to continue the momentum she had on social, across all of her digital sectors.


What we Recommended

Rather than change Tasha’s current strategy, we decided to update and strengthen it. After redesigning her profile graphics to create a universal image, we took that energy to the online front. By creating a more easily navigated site, updating the information and style, there were more ways to find and learn about Tasha. We are working on her next exciting project - bringing the power of PATH (Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope) to an online curriculum that will be taught at Middle and High Schools across the nation. Check it out here>>


The Results

Over the years, we’ve remained a part of Tasha’s marketing team to ensure that her overall vision and message are well-reflected across her multiple platforms. As Tasha and her mission evolve, so does the marketing strategy. We built something to grow with her as a brand, flexible, and effective.



The Works

Visit Tasha's website:

Visit Tasha's Online Curriculum:

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