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Improving Our Sleep One Pillow at a Time

Starting Point 

Sleep Crown was a brand new company on the market introducing a product that had never yet been heard of. 


Addressing the Issue

Our main problem? We were looking at an innovative new product, with no online exposure or consumer knowledge. The problem, sleep issues, already existed but the solution, an over-the-head pillow, didn’t up to this point. In order to find success online, we needed to educate & grow the audience, increase loyalty to our product, and inspire purchase via an e-commerce platform.


What we recommended

The clients and our team agreed that the website needed to feel authentic, organic, and as soft and comfortable as the product itself. In addition, we needed to convey what the product does and how it helps people find deep restorative sleep.  The online shop needed to be equally easy to use but ready for expansion. As the product gained momentum we continue to add new products, product options, and custom landing pages for specific promotions. 


The Results

Three years down the road and Sleep Crown is maintaining a steady flow of orders. They’re regularly featured in popular online platforms: Buzzfeed, PopSugar, and celebrity endorsers. The website grew with the product and we continued to add pages, products, blog posts, and images. We also support Sleep Crown with their digital marketing and handle their e-blasts, print design, and collateral material.


The Works


Visit Sleep Crown's website & online store


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