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Cutting Edge Hairstyles 

Starting Point

Over a year ago, we joined forces with Nicole to start getting the results she wanted from her existing social media accounts. As a hairstylist in Austin, generating genuine interaction between Nicole and her consumers was our number one goal. At the very beginning, Nicole told us she would like to generate a week of solid bookings from her social media accounts. 


Addressing the Issue

The problem was fairly common when it comes to small businesses - lack of presence online. There needed to be more of a connection across her social media accounts and a more recognizable style. While we wanted to grow her following, it was more important to reveal Nicole's work, talent, and mission, and showing her clientele interacting and communicating with Nicole directly. 


What we Recommended 

Our solution required patience, hard work, and collaboration. Together, we went to work creating a more cohesive and distinguishable look; making sure to feature her range and growth as a hairdresser and beautician. As Nicole transitioned from one salon to another, her social media accounts followed suit. We wanted to make sure that at all times, her accounts reflected her life and working style at the exact moment. By posting her tips, product reviews, and before and afters, we constructed an online persona to reflect her talent. 


The Results

Now? It takes over a month in advance to book an appointment with Nicole! As her social following has grown completely organically by over 700 followers, she’s starting to get recognized around the Austin area by her handle and generates leads from her Instagram and Facebook content daily. The goal was not for quantity, but quality - that which we work for every day. As we continue to work together, we find new ways to reach her clientele. After recently creating a one-page landing site for her, scheduling, communicating, and interacting with her client base has never been so efficient.

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