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Why you need to use QR Codes Now!

From small businesses to their mid-sized and enterprise counterparts, everyone is using custom QR codes these days. Since you don’t need to rob the bank to create custom QR codes, you too can take advantage of them to expand your business reach, stand out from your competitors, and boost your brand recall.

Bare Bones Marketing can help you create custom QR codes and synchronize them with your marketing efforts to make your business get traction and grow to become a thriving one.

Visually enticing QR codes with a catchy phrase as a call to action (CTA) can persuade customers to scan them. You can incorporate QR codes with freebies and giveaways to drive loyalty card subscribers, use them embedded on posters to boost app downloads and billboards to let customers locate you, or have them on labels and receipts to receive customer feedback. These codes are also useful to make people visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, check out your restaurant menu, or use special discounts and offers on products and services, among others.

But to ensure all these happen, your QR codes need to be helpful and engaging while being free of design and functioning errors that could trigger disappointment or poor customer experience.

Experts at Bare Bones Marketing can help you with all these and more to ensure your business enjoys the true potential of QR codes.

Reach our experts today at 512.571.2296 or Let's talk QR Codes today!


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