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How to Build Your Brand with Relationship Marketing

Success can mean different things to different companies. To some, it could mean meeting their sales goals every month. To others, it could mean reaching a larger audience on social media. While these are definitely valid and are goals that companies should keep in mind, there is a larger goal all companies should strive for: building long-term relationships with their customers and followers. Relationship marketing focuses on exactly that - instead of just encouraging one-off purchases, this method aims to maximize the value of the relationship between the business and their customers, which in turn, encourages repeat business. In this blog post, we wanted to explore different tools and tips you can utilize to build a great relationship marketing strategy!

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Send out seasonal newsletters

Sending out seasonal newsletters to your mailing list is a great way to keep your customers informed about what your business and employees are up to. You can publish a myriad of content, including announcements for new products, a feature on community service or community events your company is a part of, or any valuable insights and tips for your respective industry. By sending valuable information and providing a behind the scenes sneak peak to your mailing list, your company will look more “human” and authentic to your customers.

Build great customer service

The most important part of any company is arguably their customer service team. Customer service helps customers directly with any issues or complaints they may have. A great customer service team creates an overall pleasant experience for the customer and satisfies all their needs. Consider conducting regular surveys as a part of your customer service strategy. By soliciting feedback from your customers, your company can directly find any pain-points that you may have overlooked. Taking that feedback from your customers and using it to encourage your marketing and product design shows your customers that their opinions are respected and they are being heard.

Customize your content

Creating content that is geared towards the interests and needs of your customer base is an essential part of relationship marketing. Studies have shown that customers prefer brands that create custom content and prioritize them during their buying journey. It allows customers to feel like companies are “speaking” to them and keeping their interests in mind. The more you “speak” to your target audience, the more your customers will develop a loyal connection with your brand. To encourage your followers to share their interests, consider asking them on social media. That way, you can directly find what kind of topics are valuable to them.


Want to learn more about how you can implement this marketing strategy to your business plan? Bare Bones can help! Give us a call or check out our website for more information.

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