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Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

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What is it?

Since the beginning of advertising, many businesses have used famous celebrities for their advertisements and testimonials. Similarly, Influencer Marketing takes in elements of the age-old celebrity endorsement strategy by using industry influencers to collaborate with and represent their brand.

How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Influencers usually have some kind of expertise or social following in the industry that your business is in. For example, if you have a fashion boutique business, you should use a lifestyle blogger or stylist with a good following on social media to be your influencer. On the other hand, if you own bike shop, you would use an adventure vlogger or mountain biker to represent your brand. Using influential people within an industry to promote your products not only ensures credibility, but it also allows you to talk directly to your target audience. People usually follow accounts on social media based on their interest and likes. By funneling your message and brand through these influencers, you have a better chance of marketing to your ideal customer.

Don’t Aim Too High

It might be tempting to contact social media influencers who have millions of followers and thousands of likes, but if you’re a smaller business, this can really strain your budget. Famous influencers aren’t cheap, and with the amount of partnerships they already have, your brand might not have as much of a social impact as you really want. Instead, look for local influencers in your community. They might not have an enormous following, but their followers are typically loyal and influenced by genuine testimonials. Doing some research on local bloggers and social media accounts is a great way to start!

Aligning Your Business Objectives

If you’re thinking about working with an influencer, you should think carefully about whether this strategy aligns with your business objectives. If you’re looking for a quick turnover or easy sales, we don’t recommend this strategy. Nurturing a partnership with an influencer means creating credibility and becoming a leader in your industry. It takes time to develop your presence and identity through this strategy.

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