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SXSW Is Coming... Is Your Marketing Ready?

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For all you Austinites out there... South By South West is approaching fast. This event comes along with tons of marketing opportunities for your small Austin business, and usually ones that require minimal effort on your end. It's also important to differentiate yourself in such a big crowd. Bare Bones Marketing is here to provide you with three tips on how to fully take advantage of SXSW for your marketing strategy:

1. Give Away Free Stuff

Chances are, the people walking around SXSW are going to happily take free merchandise from you. If that merchandise has your logo all over it, and is of some use to them, you have just instantly created brand awareness. Companies that have been successful in the past have created items that festival attendees need, such as rain ponchos or umbrellas if the forecast shows bad weather. Get creative!

2. Build Relationships

You will probably have the opportunity to meet hundreds and hundreds of leads, but it's important to pay attention to the right ones, the one's that you can follow-through with. Doing something like hosting a private event with specific target clients can create a more intimate setting where you can truly get to know them and show them that you care. Remember, quality over quantity.

3. Allow People to Create Something

At your booth, give people an opportunity to create something that they can take home with them. Whether it's a simple photo with your company's logo on it, or some sort of craft, people will associate the memory of creating something with your brand. Even better, duplicate their work and make it a part of your company by posting it on your website, including it in a newsletter, etc. It will make them feel more special than you think!

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