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Coffee Is Better For Us Than We Think

A cup of coffee

Believe it or not, there is a connection between coffee and creativity. We all know how much we rely on coffee to get our days going, which turns out not to be a bad thing after all!

The average noise in a coffeeshop is around 70 decibels — a little lower than a loud blender, yet higher than quietness. This has actually been found to be close to the perfect volume to promote creativity. Along with the background noise, having a fresh cup of coffee in front of you gives your brain just the right amount of stimulation for the time being. So, if you ever need a break from the office, maybe take a quick trip to the nearest coffeeshop!

Scientifically proven, a moderate amount of coffee (one to six cups a day) can reduce pain for desk workers, contribute to positive social interaction among coworkers, and even help people live longer! Therefore, it can be a good idea to keep this magical drink readily available in the office.

Some of our favorite coffeeshops in Austin

TX to get our creative juices flowing include:

Mozarts - 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, 78703 Patika - 2159 S Lamar Blvd, 78704 Cafe Medici - 200 Congress Ave, 78701 Seventh Flag - 1506 S 1st St, 78704

Other good coffeeshops for business can be found here:

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