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Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing!

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Online advertising is always evolving and with more advances in technology comes more opportunity to market your brand or business. Most importantly, in order to make sure you are maximizing profits and increasing customer base traffic, you business needs to be taking advantage of the new digital marketplace. How can this be done? Simple, create an advertising video of your brand or business.

You don’t have to "go viral” on the internet. But by creating a simple advertising video that engages customers you can greatly improve your online marketing. Studies have indicated that on Google, an indexed video stands about a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page of results than any given textual page in the index.

"Not only are video results increasingly common in Google's search results, but your videos stand a much better chance than your text pages of being shown on the first results page.” - Nate Elliott


With that being said, Bare Bones Marketing wants to help you by explaining some great tips for creating your new video:

Tip #1: Keep it Short and Sweet

Your average customer’s attention span is about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This is extremely important when creating your advertising or branding video. So keep your video content concise and just provide follow up videos or suggest links to any questions your customers may have.

Tip #2: Create a Personal Message

When your audience is done watching a video they need to feel as though your brand or business is exactly what they have needed all along. You can have some fun here by making your small business seem like a hero in comparison to big corporate businesses. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a script consider using a testimonial from one of your customers.

Tip #3: Include Contact Information

Always include the phone number, website, and email address for your business. Make sure that their is audio in correlation with the visual of this information. And invite your customers to "Give you a call today!"

Tip #4: Incorporate a Call to Action

Be sure to mention any coupons or special offers they can look forward to after viewing your video. Over all, make it clear what the viewer should do after watching your video advertisement whether that is liking your social media page, visiting your website, or subscribing to your video channel.

Tip#5: Promote Your Video EVERYWHERE

After creating your video promote it through all of your online sources. Those sources include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, email, and on your business website. Specifically, Facebook and Twitter allows businesses to promote advertisements for a small and affordable fee while monitoring your audience interactions with it.

Want to see an example? Check out our Bare Bones Marketing Video!

Having a video will not only engage your customers but it will also set you apart from impersonal businesses in your industry. It can increase traffic on your website and create more awareness about your personal brand or business. Your new video can help create a face that your customers will recognize and come to trust.

Interested learning more about incorporating digital marketing strategies into your business? Visit our video design page on our Bare Bones Marketing website. And for a FREE Marketing evaluation give us a call today at (512) 571-2296 or email us at

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