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Why do viewers connect with video?   Why do motion video graphics, more than most other digital content, work so well?


The answer is surprisingly simple: video creates an emotional connection with the viewer far quicker than any other content platform. Of course, that simplicity is difficult to achieve. Bare Bones Marketing LLC Mobile Agency in Austin enables you to create a custom design video graphic which will be both engaging for your customers and unique to your brand or business. 

Check out our promo video below to get an idea on how we can promote your product or business. 


Motion graphics allow for a rich story to be carried through multiple channels of communication, but they demand a precise balance of components. Music swells and ebbs with key turning points. Artwork gives a face to abstract language. Animation adds energy to the story, propelling the narrative forward. Sound design draws attention to important messaging. And the voiceover adds a human connection. All must work together harmoniously throughout the duration of the motion graphic to keep the audience engaged.

Features of our Video Graphic Design

  • Custom design

  • Engage customers

  • Short & sweet

  • Include your product, brand, or logo

  • Easy content editor

  • Phone number & email collection

  • Social media streams

  • Google Analytics integration

  • And much more!


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