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Why This Is the Best Time for Your Business to Start Embracing QR Codes

Even if you don’t have a clear idea about QR codes, most likely you’ve seen them somewhere. This is because QR codes (Quick Response codes) are commonly used in a wide range of marketing materials – from business cards and banners to flyers, posters, etc, and for many other purposes. While QR codes often contain links and web address information, these can be utilized to direct users to a plethora of other media such as images, videos, etc. All a user needs to do is scan the code using a smartphone to access the content available behind it.

Despite all the advantages, many businesses still don’t use QR codes in their marketing campaigns, which often leads to missing out on a significant number of potential customers. If you too haven’t started using QR codes for your business’s marketing materials, continue reading as we’re going to discuss the key benefits of using them, especially in the present-day situation.

  • They promote contactless marketing

This is certainly one of the most important reasons why your business needs to start using QR codes these days. As we’re going through the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more cautious than ever to minimize human contact. And QR codes are the best solution that customers can use to maintain the norm of social distancing in the ‘new normal.

  • They bridge the gap between offline and online media

A diverse range of marketing materials can be equipped with QR codes – business cards, signs, brochures, posters, flyers, etc. These are easier and quicker to use but help minimize the chances of errors by the end-users. Instead of typing your business’s entire web address, a prospect just needs to scan the code on the marketing material to visit the website or respond to its call to action.

  • They help users access information quickly

The steadily increasing number of smartphone users is another key reason for incorporating QR codes in marketing materials. Prospects don’t need to carry a bulky device or correctly type your business’s web address to get access to its content. They get to know about its products, services, special offers, and much more almost instantly.

  • They help nurture customer relationships

As QR codes let your business provide the prospects with in-depth insights into the products and services, they help nurture a deeper connection with potential customers. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can print flyers and leaflets containing a QR code to let your customers know what you’re offering on the menu. And if you use a dynamic QR code instead of a static one, you can easily edit the content or URL whenever the menu changes without investing additional money.

  • They help generate customer excitement

QR codes can be used to spark the curiosity of the customers. As the information that you want to provide the users with is available behind the codes, people automatically become curious to scan them to see what’s being offered to them.

In conclusion

While you can use QR codes in any marketing campaign and on almost any marketing material, it’s important to have a specific purpose to capture the target group’s attention. Once this purpose is defined, you can effectively get the message across to the prospects. Note that, though creating a basic QR code is quite straightforward using a credible QR code generator, things often get complicated if you’re planning to have a fully customized one. In that case, it’d be wise to hire a professional graphic designer with experience in creating QR codes to help you get what exactly you’re looking for.


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