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Top SEO Trends That Will Help You Rank High In 2020

Whether you’re a business owner, website owner, or a digital marketer, SEO plays a crucial role in bringing more organic traffic to you. With new businesses entering the field each day, the competition for gaining website visitors’ attention is increasing steadily. Therefore, it has become essential to develop a clear understanding of the SEO trends that are expected to be prominent this year. In this post, we’re going to discuss five major SEO trends that you should keep an eye on.

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Major SEO trends for 2020

#1: Keyword research will become a top priority

Over time, Google has become a robust answer engine from being only a search engine. The foundation of an effective SEO strategy still depends heavily on keyword research, though the way keywords were used has changed. There are some key techniques that you can use to advance your keyword research strategy in 2020. These include:

  • Finding keywords that lead to more clicks than searches

  • Using “topics” rather than direct “keywords” to identify secondary keywords

  • Using different types of tools like Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, etc to build up the master keyword list

#2: Voice search will get more priority

Voice search has already become a dominant trend and we can expect to see its more widespread use this year. According to Google, voice searches acquire a whopping 20% of mobile queries. With the steadily growing share of voice searches, people will be focusing more on it instead of typing to get quick and accurate results. To provide them with the most appropriate answer to what they’ve exactly asked, focus on using very specific, long-tail keywords and on optimizing your website for local SEO.

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#3: Mobile responsive websites will become a must

With the number of mobile users increasing day by day, it has become indispensable for everyone to develop websites that generate high-quality on every device and are responsive. You should remember that Google crawls both versions of a website – desktop and mobile. With Google’s mobile-first indexing, a mobile-friendly website would help you boost your page rank. However, apart from having a fully responsive design, you must prioritize load time and mobile page speed together with dynamic elements optimized perfectly for the mobile experience.

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#4: Video will be more crucial

Video marketing is here to stay and will continue to be a major digital marketing trend in 2020. According to a huge percentage of people, watching videos helps more when it comes to learning about a product/service. And thus, your SEO strategy must incorporate videos to improve your brand engagement. Here’re some key techniques that would help you upgrade the SEO strategy with videos.

  • Uploading a video to multiple platforms

  • Including a transcript to each video and adding appropriate captions

  • Optimizing the video title and description

  • Optimizing the video for mobile users

#5: Content length will be prioritized

When it comes to ranking higher in SERPs, probably nothing can be the importance of high-quality content. According to researchers, the average length of the top results in SERPs is minimum 2,000 words because web pages with high-quality, long-form content experience more visibility. While lengthy content helps you build authority, it’s also a must to consider quality alongside quantity.

Summing It Up

2020 seems to be a year of stiff competition as every website owner will be striving to earn a good share of organic traffic. However, focusing on the above SEO trends should help you get an edge over your competition. Ideally, you should consider SEO as a long-term process that contains both online and offline marketing strategies.

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