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Reviewing the Top Five Marketing Trends Of 2022

Marketing trends change frequently, and following them is a must to grow your business. Although the final result is always unpredictable, your marketing team can launch small-scale campaigns or perform A/B testing to see which trends bring the maximum results to your business.

With that in mind, we’ve created this article mentioning the top five marketing trends of 2022. So let’s take a look.

1. Social Shopping

social shopping marketing trend

Since the inception of social media, social shopping has played a vital role in helping businesses improve their conversion rates. However, better advertising and in-app purchasing quickly reduce the gap between “browsing” and “purchasing.”

In 2021, Instagram and Pinterest launched additional shopping methods through the “live stream” format. Instagram included a real-time shopping experience for business profiles and creators through Instagram Live. Pinterest TV airs live episodes that different brands, influencers, and creators host.

2. Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing how to

Influencer marketing has already become a proven marketing tactic. By collaborating with industry thought leaders and influencers, brands can quickly gain fans and followers and expand brand awareness.

Why has influencer marketing become so much popular? Influencers usually have robust knowledge in their respective fields and a large base of an already engaged audience. Therefore, when they promote a particular product or share information about it, it doesn’t take much time for the audience to get influenced.

It’s important to note that influencer marketing may require a significant investment, depending on the credibility and the size of the audience of the influencer. If you don’t have that budget, you can always work with micro-influencers who have a smaller audience. They can also bring you a good level of customer engagement to improve your conversion rates and brand awareness.

3. Storytelling

You must be transparent with your audience to rise above today’s cut-throat competition. Through compelling storytelling, you can make your audience feel that your product/ service is indeed authentic.

While there are different ways of storytelling in the content, visual content, customer

storytelling marketing

testimonials, and data-driven narratives have become popular among marketers. Visual content, such as videos and graphics, helps you connect with your audience quickly.

Customer testimonials from actual buyers have tremendous power to establish the authenticity of your products, which automatically leads to increased sales. With data-driven storytelling, you can help your audience gain insights into your company's real picture, which helps build trust and credibility.

4. Short-Form Video

You can always use long-form videos to provide your audience with large chunks of information, but short-form videos have proved to be more effective in terms of converting leads. Short-form videos take less bandwidth to create and align well with the shorter attention spans of present-day consumers.

This perhaps is the reason why marketers are increasingly using short-form videos on platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. However, it’s a must to make the videos interesting and engaging to leverage this trend.

5. Consumer-Driven Content

consumer driven marketing

To expand your customer base, you must prepare content around your target audience's needs and pain points. Consumer-driven content refers to the content created using surveys, reviews, and data.

This is all about finding the factors that make your audience unique and producing content around them. You can start by understanding the pain points of your target audience. Asking your customer support team to list the most common complaints and questions will be a good starting point.

Wrapping Up

While several other marketing trends exist, the ones discussed above are relatively easier to follow without making hefty investments. However, if you need help or professional support in implementing these tactics, you can talk to one of our digital marketing specialists at Bare Bones Marketing LLC.

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