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Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Smarphone and pictures gallery

Instagram Stories

IG Stories has been around for a while, but the platform’s evolving features is what makes it very appealing to users. In 2017, IG came out with Highlights which changed the way brands created content. Instead of making content that had an expiration date, marketers could save

their stories permanently on their page. Since then, IG has released a variety of other features including polls, an emoji scale, and a “submit a question” form. These features are a great way for companies to engage in direct conversations with their followers, instead of creating static one-way dialogue. It’s very important for marketers to stay up with trends, and we suspect that open conversations on social media is going to be a big one in 2019.


With the new digital age, people instinctively turn to their smartphones to quickly learn, find or watch something. This type of behavior is called “micro-moments,” where users expect valuable information to be delivered to them in a matter of a few seconds. Since the window to catch the attention of the user is relatively small, marketers have to be conscious of creating bite-sized content. Alongside optimizing their content, companies should utilize SEO and maintain visibility on search engines as users typically start their information-seeking journey there. To keep up with this phenomenon, we strongly suggest not just publishing ads, but to create valuable content that your followers can utilize. For example, if you’re a gardening company, publish some landscaping/DIY gardening tips for your followers.

Using a smarphone


Geofencing isn’t new, but we think every marketer should consider this as a targeting strategy. Geofencing uses GPS, RFID and bluetooth technologies to create a virtual boundary or “fence”. Marketers can th

en send targeted messages to users’ smartphones who are within that area. If your business has a storefront, this is a great way for you to hyper-target potential customers in the area with advertisements, or offer additional

coupons and promotions. You can also use geofencing to track various metrics - like how much time each customer spends at the store and how frequently they visit.


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