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How Small Business Can Survive The Summer Slump

Kids in a swimming pool

Summer is here!

While for some, that means summer vacations, days at the pool, and endless amounts of fun, it can be a slow time for a lot of small and local businesses!

Why exactly? Summer vacation can sometimes lead to financial hardships for a lot of families, depending on the summer activities they're partaking in! Less money means less room for recreational spending and small businesses often feel the harsh reality of the season.

But never fear! Here are a number of ways to avoid the dreaded summer slump.

1. Start a loyalty program.

Though times have changed, one fact remains true: everyone loves free stuff! Punch cards and referral programs are a great way to jumpstart new traffic and reward your most loyal customers. Depending on your product, implementing a loyalty program within your community could start a frequent and steady customer flow.

2. Join the fun!

If you can't beat them, join them! Find what's exciting about summer and use it to your advantage. Take part in outdoor, late night activities and make your business more adaptable. Take into account important holiday's and themes/activities that could create a memorable experience for every kind of family! Giving families cheap or free options during the day like arts and crafts stations can increase foot traffic.

3. Stay on top of your social media.

Social media and social media marketing is the base of branding in the Digital Age. Stay on top of your social media accounts by posting frequently at peak times during the day. Run effective campaigns that promote your business and highlight your mobility! Update your followers on daily specials and new opportunities. Let them know you're still around!

The summer slump is nothing to fear! Try these three easy steps for small businesses and see results.

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