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Making Your Social Media Stand Out

Social Media creating

We get it, everyone has hopped on the social media train. From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, almost every company takes advantage of social media platforms to promote their business. Social media provides us with an easy way to share our products and services while at the same time maintaining a personal relationship with our customers. Here a few things you can do to distinguish yourself from your competitors:

Add Value

Are you making a post just to post it or are you actually considering how you could be useful to your customer? Providing your followers with something valuable is an easy way to set yourself apart, and shows your audience that they can trust you. For example, instructional videos or current event articles relevant to your industry can help your customers gain something beyond just your product, and help you become a memorable brand over time.

Interact and Engage

Embrace the "social" in social media. Go beyond providing posts to your followers, and actually engage with them. This could include commenting or liking their posts, responding to comments they may have on your posts, or even featuring them on your page. This step allows you to interact with your customers on a more personal level and create a valuable relationship on both sides.

Be Genuine

This last tip is quite simple but can often be overlooked. It is obvious to your customers if you aren't passionate about whatever it is that you are doing, and reflects poorly on your company. Hire people that can help you embrace this authenticity!

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