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How to Market Your Company for FREE

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While keeping up with social media, creating a great website, and advertising are all crucial elements of a marketing strategy, there are some marketing techniques we can carry out organically that are often overlooked. Developing a story for your brand image can be much more complex than simply creating a strong online presence. Here are a few things businesses can do to build a name for themselves, no money needed!


Networking is being present and interacting with people to create new contacts and develop relationships with people you could easily cross paths with in the future. Many networking events take place in every city on a regular basis, making it easy to meet new people in locations of your choice. Attending these events and getting your company's name out there shows that you are dedicated and care about whatever it is you are involved in.

Event Marketing

Attending local events that are relevant to your industry, or events where you know there may be important people or potential prospects, gets you both involved in your community and acquainted with people face-to-face. Better yet, you can even plan an event yourself to boost your brand and be in control of your audience.

Start a Blog

Traditionally, we think of blogging as a means of writing to share your opinions and boost your online presence. However, nowadays it has become much more than that. Blogging can be used as a customer management strategy, an informational database, and keeps your client base aware of important events involving your company.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows allow you not only to gain experience in your specific field or industry, but serve as a basis for your offline presence and promote positive word of mouth (the most important marketing strategy). Bringing sample products or actually performing your service at trade shows instills immediate trust and confidence in potential clients because it shows them upfront what they are getting themselves into.

Whether you are struggling with your current marketing strategy or budget, or you simply want to add more strategies to the mix, we hope you found these suggestions helpful. As always, feel free to holler at your Bare Bones Marketing Team with any of your marketing needs! We look forward to hearing from you.

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