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What You Probably Don't Know About SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a bigger influence on the popularity and relevance of our companies than we think. If your website or content isn't relevant on a search that it should be, you might have some work to do. Often, SEO is overlooked by small businesses. However, you could actually be using it as a secret weapon.

91% of internet users use search engines every month

Whenever any sort of question comes to a persons mind, usually the first thing they do is look it up on Google, Yahoo, etc. For this reason, almost every person that uses the internet is constantly taking advantage of search engines. Because of this, search engines will be the first place people will come across your website or content within your website.

Google+ has the most influence on SEO ranking

Since social media is becoming increasingly more popular, any social media platform you are related to is connected to any various search engine. It turns out that the platform to correlate the most highly with SEO is Google+. All in all, making Google+ a priority and staying active on it will make your company more likely to get closer to the top of search results.

Page titles are almost as important as content

When creating and editing page titles, try to fit as many keywords as possible. After content, page titles are a vital part of SEO. If your page title isn't relevant, chances are prospects will keep scrolling right past you. Also, when creating page titles it can be easy to mistake one page for another. Go back and double check page titles and meta tags so a client or prospect doesn't catch onto this!

Luckily, Bare Bones Marketing specializes in SEO and is ready and willing to help your website move its way to the top. Call us at 512.571.2296 for a free consultation!

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