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How to Market your Business using Hashtags

How to Use hashtags correctly

You’ve see them everywhere. . .

In text messages, on Facebook post, photos, and Twitter updates. Hashtags are now used on almost every social media cite and can be found all over the internet. But why are they so important? And how can you use them to market their brand or business?

As a business owner you can’t ignore them. It is essential that you learn how to strategically integrate tagged topics. They can not only help expand your customer reach, but also target your audience and improve your onsite SEO. Your friends at Bare Bones Marketing decided to compile a list 4 of the best strategies for your businesses to use when creating hashtags.

1. Make a Unique hashtag for your brand or business

By creating an unique tagline for your business your customers can use it when talking about you on a social site. Other people can click on the hashtag and see all post made with your branded hashtag, therefore expanding your content and marketing. Make sure it’s simple and easy to spell so your audience can easily type it into their message.

For Example Nike uses the hashtag #JustDoIt or the University of Texas uses #Hookem

2. Incorporate Trending Hashtags

If you visit Facebook or Twitter there are windows that show you what is trending for that day. As a business you can monitor those trends and incorporate the tags that are relevant to your business postings. This will help your business pop up on more current media postings and also increase your ranking on daily search engines. Click here to learn how to use hashtags correctly on Facebook.

3. Incorporate Content Hashtags

Content hashtags can be used anytime in your posts. They are not branded or trending but are simply relevant to the content of your message. For instance when Bare Bones Marketing creates a blog post about how to integrate onsite SEO for small businesses, we add hashtags to the page such as #websiteSEO or #BusinessMarketing etc.

Click here to learn more about how you can integrate onsite SEO the simply way.

4. Use a Tasteful amount of Hashtags

This is probably the most important rule. Your customers thank you for not bombing their Facebook with 10 + hashtags. Don’t be that guy. Use a maximum of 5 hashtags that are unique, trendy, and relevant to your content. In addition, by limiting your hashtags, search engines will be able to pick up the few ones you’ve integrated easier and therefore increase your post rankings.

Stay tuned to learn more about SEO in our next blog posting. . .

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