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High-End Printer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Starting Point

Introduced to us from an existing client, 4 Color Press is a Dallas/Fort Worth based company searching for one thing - results. Search results, to be exact. 


Addressing the Issue

While they had previously existing social media accounts and a functioning website, the real work to be done was in the connection and optimization of all of them. Increasing their presence and content creation on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business was step one to addressing the right clientele, the right way. 


What we Recommended

Since we wanted to improve their appearance on search result listings, our solutions revolved around organic SEO building, both on and offsite. Through Google My Business and the analytic tools provided there, we post keyword-rich, visually interesting, original content every week to send links back to their website. Facebook and LinkedIn serve two purposes. One, in boosting business to business communication and the other in connecting back to the webpage for lead generation. 


The Results

4 Color Press website has proceeded to climb up the Google results list. We’ve managed to increase the click-through rate on business posts, maintain interactions across the existing social media sites, and have driven traffic back towards the website through social linking and content creation.

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