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booklet Labels

TEll the whole Story

Booklet Labels are the ultimate 'story book' for your product without taking away any valuable real estate.

Take advantage of extra room for a more in-depth conversation with your consumers! Unlimited options to provide more in-depth information about your product(s), company , achievements, ingredients, production processes, promotions, coupons, sustainability, etc.! 


SAY More

Booklet Labels provide additional space which can be custom designed to showcase your product. Show consumers why your product is unique , tell them about  food pairings, provide user tips or recipes ideas, the options are endless!

Take a Look

German Winery Kiefer-Seufert demonstrates their Booklet Labels and how easy they are to apply by using their existing label application machine. They use their 'I LOVE GUTEDEL' Booklet Label to tell more about their family-owned winery and the Gutedel brand.

BE different

Stand out from your competition and connect with your consumers in a unique way. Booklet Labels illustrate how you do things differently, how you go above and beyond the status quo and how you go the extra mile in creating exceptional products.

Create the connection that goes beyond packaging - tell them more and they will keep coming back!

  • various label sizes available

  • various shapes - square, round, oval

  • various page counts from one page to 8 pages

  • black/white or full color printing - even foil and special coating

  • base label with different design / paper options 

  • custom graphic design services available

A highly competitive market - so standing above the rest is crucial. Booklet Labels tell more so let them do a little sales for you!


What's so special about your sauce, oil, jam, mix, etc.? Tell the whole story and connect with your buyers so they become fans.


Putting a lot of love, passion and high quality ingredients in your beauty products? Tell your consumers, so they get the whole story - with Booklets!


Let's Talk Booklet Labels

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