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Bringing Your Business To Life with Bare Bones Marketing

Grow your business with Bare Bones Marketing - All the essentials, none of the fluff.

We deliver powerful marketing and advertising solutions that get you results. 


We work with a wide variety of businesses and industries that keep us fresh and challenged.


Meet the Bare Bones Team! We are a nice bunch of people with a touch of international flair.


Social Media
Web Design


Website Solutions

Looking for an update in web design or website copy? Need a Landing Page? No problem. Unlike many web design experts, we understand that the content and flow of your site is just as important as good design.

With tons of experience in web design, programming, e-commerce, and marketing, we provide you with the best of both worlds!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be a great lead generating machine if done right. The right combination of content, engagement, conversation, and analytics are needed to set that machine into high gear.


Let us help to get you the success you want by customizing your social media campaign to your industry and specific business needs.


Your branding is not just your logo, website, business card, or storefront - it's a combination of everything you do in the public eye. It's your business' personality. It's what your customers think and feel about your company.  If you want customers to perceive you as THE place to shop, you need your branding to be unique. And that's where we come - let's make your brand unique!

Content Creation

With online shopping & digital experiences, content is more important than ever, and it could mean the difference between delivering great experiences for your clients or losing out to other more engaging and persuasive offers.

If you need to elevate your company's digital, social, and content marketing we can help.

SEO - How to be found online

Everybody goes online for everything! Let's increase your business chances that potential customers find your business online while searching for your products/services. Tedious work - that is best left to the professionals.


But don't worry, we will keep you in the loop and involved so you always know what it is going on.

Traditional Marketing

It is a digital world - and especially in marketing. However, traditional marketing tools, such as printed collateral, press releases, direct mail, etc., are still effective and work great for businesses.


Let us help you find the right mix, create the perfect strategy, and let us create those effective marketing tools for you.

Digital Marketing




We love working with a wide variety of clients from different industries. Because we don't like a 'one size fits all' approach. We believe your marketing should be as unique as your business. This philosophy is reflected in the many different clients, projects, and pieces we have done over the years - check them out!





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Providing simple, down-to-earth marketing advice & service


As a business, we understand that every penny counts. But, if you have the right marketing it can deliver more customers, keep the customers you've already got and make them spend just that little bit more. And that's the bare bones of it.


We know that marketing a business is challenging. After all, as business owners ourselves, we find it hard work, and it's what we do all day, every day. That's what Bare Bones is all about - helping you decide what the best marketing decision is for your business and delivering it for you - so you don't have to worry about it.

Julie Westervelt





"The Bare Bones team is a life saver. Excellent work. Incredibly kind and thorough. They built my website and helped me launch my company.


They continue to handle my marketing and I recommend them highly."

~Julie Westervelt, Founder & CEO Sleep Crown



Mellow Johnny's Austin


SEO & Website

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Web & E-Commerce


Printing Company

SEO & Website


Motivational Speaker

Website & Marketing



Collateral Material / Print

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Hair Stylist

Social Media & Web

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Coaching & Feng Shui

Web & Branding


Law Office 

SEO/SEM & Social


Let's talk about your website and marketing needs! We'll answer any questions you may have about the process and how we can help your business. No strings attached!

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Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch very soon!

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